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Instantly Transform Your Content Editor and Admin UX on New or Existing DNN Platform Websites

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The SHINE editing interface showing a list of pages, redirects and navigation menus on the left with the current website page that you have selected on the right. Above the the page that you are on is a tab bar that allows you to toggle view and edit mode and a settings menu that allows access to delete the page, make it visible to all users, access the module recycle bin amongst other options.

SHINE is a premium, inclusive and easy to use Persona Bar (control panel) alternative for DNN Platform. Simply install and without any customizations help your Content Editors, Website Admins, Developers and other users become more productive in their day to day work.

Free Instant Demo
The SHINE editing interface showing a list of pages, redirects and navigation menus on the left with the current website page that you have selected on the right. Above the the page that you are on is a tab bar that allows you to toggle view and edit mode and a settings menu that allows access to delete the page, make it visible to all users, access the module recycle bin amongst other options.

Built to instantly improve productivity for all stakeholders involved in delivering and updating DNN Platform websites. Start saving on operational costs today.

Prices are in US dollars. Applicable taxes will be added to Canadian customers during checkout.

SHINE integrates beautifully with your new or existing DNN Platform 7.4.1+ website, instantly improving your content editing and admin experience without the need for expensive upgrade projects or customizations.

Who should use SHINE?

SHINE is designed to improve the overall DNN Platform experience for content editors, website admins, developers, agencies and more! It's for anyone that is involved in logging into the editing or administration areas on DNN Platform based websites.

How does the licensing work?

SHINE is sold with a perpetual license. This means that you have the right to use SHINE forever on the number of DNN installations that you originally purchased it for. Your purchase also includes a support license that consists of 1 year of software updates and 1 year of priority support. The support license is automatically renewed every year on your purchase anniversary date. Don't worry, we will remind via you one month before. You can always cancel your yearly support and update license by contacting Customer Support.

What happens if I do not renew my license?

If you decide to cancel, you may still use the version of SHINE that you currently have forever but you will not receive updates or priority support once the license key expires.

What happens if SHINE is no longer supported?

If SHINE is no longer supported due to a company transition, we will endeavour to proactively work with our customers to ensure that they do not have any interruption in the use of the software. Please review our terms and conditions for more information.

Do you offer a trial version?

We do not offer a trial version, but we do have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try SHINE risk-free on your own website. As well, you can access the free online demo to try SHINE before purchasing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Do I have to pay extra for support?

Priority Support is included with your yearly support license. If you do not have an active license but you have a question, please reach out to us at Customer Support. We fully stand by our products but it may take a bit longer for us to get to your question.

What are the minimum requirements?

SHINE runs on DNN Platform v7.4.1+ websites. It requires that .NET Framework v4.5 configured in IIS (or cloud equivalent) for this website. SHINE also needs to have outgoing access from the server that you are using it on to https://api.scotiacode.com in order to verify its license on a routine basis, check for updates and send error reports (if you opt in).

Does this support all DNN sites?

SHINE supports all DNN Platform v7.4.1+ websites except those that are configured in multilingual mode, are currently using DNN Evoq (unless a DNN Evoq to DNN Platform migration occurs prior to install) or those that require multilingual translation of the admin interface (see Roadmap). However, SHINE is not a like for like replacement to the default control panel. SHINE pares down the UI in various area like the Page Settings screen by removing options that are not required in all use cases. Be sure to double check our free online demo to see what features are available.

What web browsers are supported?

SHINE is built to use the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript features. As such, we require that users are using a modern, standards compliant web browser like Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported. Don't worry, if you attempt to access SHINE without a compliant browser then SHINE will kindly ask you to try again in a different browser.

How do I install SHINE?

SHINE installs like any other DNN Platform extension. Simply navigate to your Host > Extensions or Manage > Extensions area depending upon if you are using DNN Platform v9.0+ or not and install SHINE using the provided ZIP installation file. After the installation is complete, refresh the page in your web browser and navigate to /edit-site.

What happens when I install SHINE?

SHINE changes your Control Panel Host Setting to become the default control panel for your DNN Platform installation. As well, we disable the default modal editing window setting and create a few system user roles that you will use to grant access to SHINE. There are no changes to your web.config or other DNN Platform core files or configurations.

Can SHINE be uninstalled easily?

SHINE can be uninstalled like any other module within the Host > Extensions or Manage > Extensions area. Upon installation, SHINE will automatically revert your site to the default Persona Bar or Control Panel depending upon your DNN Platform version. Your site will now continue to operate in the manner that it did before SHINE was installed.

How do I give access to my users?

Administrator and Host users automatically have access to SHINE. For all other users, simply add the 'SHINE - Access App' and 'SHINE Create Pages, Redirect and Menus' roles to the users that you want to grant access to. These roles were automatically created in your site when SHINE was installed.

How do I access SHINE on my website?

Navigate to /edit-site on your website. This URL is automatically generated by SHINE and is not displayed in the Content Repository. SHINE does not load inside of your website page's like your previous DNN Platform editing and admin tools but as a standalone web app. If you navigate your website while you are logged in but not while using SHINE, then your editing and admin tools will not be visible to you.

Does this work with Evoq?

SHINE currently does not work with DNN Platform websites that have Evoq running. Evoq would need to be removed from the website prior to installing SHINE.

Do you offer refunds?

We firmly stand behind the quality of our product and will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of your purchase if you are unhappy with SHINE. For technical issues, we will work with you to resolve any potential deficiencies in the product or environment/configuration issues prior to processing a refund.

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts are automatically built directly into the prices we publish openly - the more DNN Platform installations you want to install SHINE to, the lower the price SHINE becomes per DNN Platform installation. We do not offer any discounts beyond this. This policy allows us to treat all customers equally and means there's no guessing or uncertainty around our prices.

Can you customize SHINE for my company?

Absolutely. We offer can provide custom quotes for specific customizations that your organization requires and other requests. Please reach out to us at hello@scotiacode.com.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are Net 0-day. Once your payment is received and processed your license key will be generated and sent to the provided contact at your organization.

What happens after I've purchased SHINE?

You will receive a Welcome email from us followed by the opportunity to schedule a short onboarding meeting. We will review any initial installation questions that you have, discuss our Priority Support relationship with you and provide you with your installation package. 

I think I've found an issue with SHINE.

Please pass along the details of the issue to Customer Support. We stand behind our products and will work with you to resolve any bugs that you may encounter.

I have more pre-sales questions.

Please feel free to reach out to us and ask a question using the instant chat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

SHINE is built with modern technologies that help us to easily scale with the future of DNN Platform while instantly bringing you more value on existing websites.

Page Versioning Support

Core DNN Platform page versioning support will be added to SHINE. This will enable supported modules to tie into the page versioning system which will allow users to edit draft versions of pages and simply preview changes before publishing.

Digital Asset Manager

A new Digital Asset Manager experience will be added to the Content Repository. Bringing not only a quick way to access and manage your files but also implementing File Versioning. File Versioning support will help ensure that your users never lose their files or can rollback to a previous version with ease.

Whitelabel / Branded Experience

Personalize your or your clients' website editing experience. Replace the SHINE branding with your or your client's company/website name. Additionally, integrate easily with our Help menu system to ensure that your users can access their help resources quickly.

Bulk Site Structure Management

Taking our Site Structure management one step further, we will continue to add productivity features such as drag and drop page, redirect and menu ordering, bulk deletion, bulk moving and more.

Module Action Menus

The default core DNN module action menus will be replaced with new compatible menus that fit the overall look and feel of SHINE. This will help to further optimize our inclusive design while providing substantial performance improvements over other options while in Edit Mode.

User / Client Onboarding Experience

New users often require additional time to get up to speed when editing their website.  Our new experience will help users immediately understand the various areas of SHINE and where they need to go to do their work.

Multilingual User Interface Support

SHINE's user interface will be updated to allow users to easily translate labels, text, etc. into the language of their choice.

Installable App

Install SHINE to your Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar or Home Screen. Editing your website can be a single click away while also taking advantage of your native device features such as instant notifications.

More Improvements and Enhancements

We are constantly evolving our roadmap, our practices and our goals to ensure we are providing you with a modern and inclusive experience. Improvements surrounding accessibility, multi-device input modalities, usability, bug fixes, performance enhancements, etc. will be added throughout our releases. Check back soon to see what's coming next.

SHINE helps solve real world operational challenges experienced by Content Editors, Website Admins, Developers, Agencies and more. Simply install and instantly start experiencing a new way to use your DNN Platform website.

Version Release Date Description Details
1.0.8 Nov 19, 2019 Release focused on bug fixes surrounding page management. View
1.0.0 Oct 29, 2019 Initial public release focusing on transforming the Content Editor and Admin UX on DNN Platform. View

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